Reminder: Safe Church Workshop - Registration Deadline, May 4

All parishioners who need to be certified (we have over 40 people!!) are reminded to call the parish office at 718-268-6021 or to simply reply to this email stating your name and that you will be attending the workshop on Saturday, May 14 from 10:00am until 2:00pm (lunch included).

Lawn Brigade

In the same way that lawns need to be re-seeded to cover bare spots, our Saint Luke's Lawn Brigade needs some invigoration! Our existing band of lawn cutters and bush trimmers are full of life but they need some new live folk to round out the rotation. From April through October, our band of happy landscapers make the church lawns and gardens into an invitation to Saint Luke's. Please consider lending your hand to this fun project. You will be scheduled on an occasional rotating basis throughout the growing season. The Lawn Brigade does its work on Saturday mornings. This Sunday, let Louise Guinther know you will join the team!

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