Imaginauction: Please note the date correction - the imaginauction will be held on Saturday 22 June 2019.

Saint Luke’s Church Program Calendar

2019 Program Calendar


6 Sunday: Epiphany Choral Eucharist with Pageant, Three Kings Party, 10:30am
13 Sunday: Wings of Song, 3:00pm
16 Wednesday: Vestry: Finalization of Goals Presentation for Annual Meeting, 7:30pm

27 Sunday: Our Life Together as Saint Luke’s Church
Parish Annual Meeting, begins with Holy Eucharist, 10:30am
Goals Presentation with Parishioner feedback
Step 4 in developing Renewal Goals for Saint Luke’s

2 Saturday: Candlemas Celebration 5:00pm
6 Wednesday: Wednesdays@StLuke’s, 7:30pm
13 Wednesday: Wednesdays@StLuke’s, 7:30pm
20 Wednesday: Vestry Meeting: Incorporating Parishioner Feedback into Renewal Goals
and Official Adoption, 7:30pm

3 Sunday: Our Life Together as Saint Luke’s Church
A Celebration of our Parish Renewal Goals
Prayer and Commitment, Sunday Holy Eucharist
Step 5 in developing Goals for the Spiritual Vitality of Saint Luke’s

3 Sunday: Annual Choral Evensong 4:00pm
5 Shrove Tuesday: Mardi Gras Party and Supper, benefits Outreach Grant Recipient

6 Wednesday: Ash Wednesday Liturgies at 7:30am, 10:00am and 7:30pm
10 Sunday: First Sunday in Lent – Great Litany in Procession
Lenten Project Presentation, 10:30am
13 Wednesday: Lenten Series #1, 7:00pm
20 Wednesday: Lenten Series #2, 7:00pm
21 Thursday: Vestry Meeting, 7:30pm
24 Sunday: Lenten Project Fundraiser
28 Thursday: Lenten Series #3, 7:00pm
30 Sat/31 Sun: Gingerbread Players Spring Musical

4 Thursday: Lenten Series #4, 7:00pm
5 Fri/6 Sat/7 Sun: Gingerbread Players Spring Musical
7 Sunday: No Committee or Project Meetings until after Easter
10 Wednesday: Lenten Series #5, 7:00pm
11 Thursday: Vestry Meeting, 7:30pm

April 14 Sunday of the Passion, 8:30 and 10:30am
April 15-17 Holy Monday through Holy Wednesday Eucharist, 10:00am
April 18 Maundy Thursday, 6:45pm Quiet Supper 8:00pm Eucharist
April 19 Good Friday Ecumenical Service at First Presbyterian Church, 12 Noon
Good Friday Way of the Cross at Saint Luke’s, 8:00pm
April 20 Easter Eve: The Great Vigil of Easter, 8:00pm
April 21 Easter Day: The Day of Resurrection, 8:30am and Choral Celebration, 10:30am

1 Wednesday Wednesdays@StLuke’s, 7:30pm
3-4/Fri-Sat: Annual Vestry Retreat
8 Wednesday Wednesdays@StLuke’s, 7:30pm
15 Wednesday: Vestry Meeting, 7:30pm
19 Sunday: Wings of Song, 3:00pm
30 Thursday: Ascension Day Holy Eucharist and Strawberry Shortcake Social, 7:30pm

2 Sunday: The Sunday after the Ascension
Celebrating Ministry with Children and Youth, 10:30am
Pot Luck Lunch
5 Wednesday: Wednesdays@StLuke’s “Screening Mystery” – Film Study, 7:30pm

9 Sunday: The Day of Pentecost – Festive Choral Eucharist
Community Meeting follows 8:30 and 10:30 liturgies:
The Holy Spirit & Saint Luke’s Renewal Goals

12 Wednesday: Wednesdays@StLuke’s, 7:30pm
19 Wednesday: Last Midweek Morning Holy Eucharist until September 11
Vestry Meeting, 7:30pm
22 Saturday: 17th Annual Imaginauction, 5:30pm

22 Saturday: Forest Hills Community Food Drive

13 Saturday: Annual Barbecue, 5:30pm

3-4/Sat-Sun: Gingerbread Players’ Summer Theater
8 Thursday: Annual Youth/Acolyte Outing
12-15/Mon-Thurs: Annual Spirituality Series (aka Adult Vacation Bible School), 7:30pm
15 Thursday: Saint Mary the Virgin Outdoor Eucharist and Picnic Supper, 7:00pm
21 Wednesday: Annual Vestry Dinner at Rectory, 7:00pm

7 Saturday: Choir Workshop afternoon followed by Dinner at the Rectory, 5:45pm
8 Sunday: Church School and Choir resume at 10:30am Liturgy
Community Meeting follows
11 Wednesday: Midweek Holy Eucharist with Healing Prayers resumes, 10am
Wednesdays@StLuke’s, 7:30pm
18 Wednesday: Vestry Meeting, 7:30pm
25 Wednesday: Wednesdays@StLuke’s, 7:30pm
28 Saturday: Upper Hall Set up for Rummage Sale
29 Sunday: Michaelmas Celebration Choral Eucharist, 10:30am

2 Wednesday: Wednesdays@StLuke’s, 7:30pm
6 Sunday: Saint Francis Day Blessing of Animals follows 10:30am Eucharist
9 Wednesday: Wednesdays@StLuke’s, 7:30pm
10 Thursday: Evening Set up of Lower Hall for Rummage Sale
11 Friday: Final Prep for Rummage Sale
12-13/Sat-Sun: Rummage Sale
16 Wednesday: Vestry Meeting at 7:30pm

20 Sunday: Saint Luke’s Day Celebration with Pot Luck Lunch

23 Wednesday: Wednesdays@StLuke’s, 7:30pm
27 Sunday: Wings of Song Concert, 3:00pm
30 Wednesday: Wednesdays@StLuke’s, 7:30pm

3 Sunday: All Saints Day Festal Choral Eucharist at 10:30am
2020 Pledge Campaign begins
6 Wednesday: Wednesdays@StLuke’s, 7:30pm
9-10/ Sat-Sun: Fall Gingerbread Players Production (1st weekend)
13 Wednesday: Wednesdays@StLuke’s, 7:30pm
9-10/Fri-Sat: Diocesan Convention
16-17/Sat-Sun: Fall Gingerbread Players Production (2nd weekend)
20 Wednesday: Vestry Meeting, 7:30pm
23 Saturday: Saint Luke’s Kids Bake, 10am-12Noon
Morning of Reflection for Adults, 10am-12Noon
24 Sunday: Feast of Christ the King
Stewardship Sunday
Thanksgiving Outreach Bake Sale
Forest Hills Interfaith Thanksgiving Service, 4:00pm
28 Thursday: Thanksgiving Day Holy Eucharist with Hymns, 10:00am

1 Sunday: Holy Eucharist with Service of Hope and Expectation, 10:30am
Jesse Tree Project begins
4 Wednesday: Wednesdays@StLuke’s, 7:30pm
7 Saturday: Parish Advent Retreat Day
11 Wednesday: Wednesdays@StLuke’s, 7:30pm
15 Sunday: Jesse Tree Gifts due
18 Wednesday: Vestry Meeting, 7:30pm
22 Sunday: Caroling Party and Supper, 5:00pm
24 Tuesday: Christmas Eve Nativity Story for Young Children, 4:00pm
Christmas Eve Candlelight Choral Eucharist, 10:00pm
25 Wednesday: Christmas Day Holy Eucharist with Hymns, 10:00am