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Have You Tried Saint Luke’s Ministry Discovery Exercise (pdf) ?



Dear Friends,
Explore within by considering the gifts God has given you. Respond with others by sharing your gifts through the many ministries that give spirited embodiment to Saint Luke’s Church as we live into the future God has in store for us.

All people have gifts for ministry. Sharing our gifts builds up the Body of Christ, strengthening our parish community for carrying out the mission of the church – reconciling the world to God through Christ. Each one of us is called by Christ and each of us has a gift, a quality, a skill, that we can offer in response to that call.

Perhaps you already have a sense of the talents you can (and do) offer through the church in order to be doing God’s will; or perhaps you are newly wondering how to participate in the life of the parish. Either way, the three-part exercise is designed to help you discern what some of your gifts might be at this time and how you can offer them through various ministry projects at Saint Luke’s.

So that Saint Luke’s Church deepens in ministry and mission as a gift of God for all God’s people, I ask you to prayerfully explore and discover your particular gifts for ministry. Feel free to be in touch at any time if you have any questions.

Certainly contact me after you have completed the exercise and would like to consider becoming more involved.
You can reach me through the church office or e-mail me directly at

Yours in Christ,



Outreach Committee
The Outreach Committee brings before the parish the needs of people outside the congregation in the local community, on deanery and diocesan levels, as well as throughout the Church and World. In addition, the committee recommends opportunities for meeting needs through parishioner giving of time, talent and treasure. Saint Luke's Outreach Goal is to become more visible in the larger surrounding community as a faith community actively engaged in our mission of service with people in need

Despite tight parish budgetary constraints, we remain deeply committed to the servant ministry of the church: to respond to people in need. Among our many outreach initiatives is our Annual Outreach Grant, comprised of approximately 10% of all our special events income.


The Worship Committee gives the Rector counsel and assistance in matters of the liturgical life of the parish.

The Evangelism Committee seeks to invite members of the community-at-large to experience aspects of our parish life. Welcoming newcomers to our various special programs and worship, as well as incorporating new members into the congregation are concerns of this committee.

The Stewardship Committee carries out a year-round program of education to encourage the members of the parish to give of their time, talent and treasure for the support of our parish life and program. The committee conducts the Annual Pledge Campaign and oversees parish fund-raising.

The Education Committee carries out a program of Christian Instruction and Faith Formation for all age levels (Nursery, Church School, Youth Group, Adult).

St. Luke's Inreach Committee

Inreac h Committee



That's what St. Luke's Inreach Committee
is all about and we're asking you, our fellow
parishioners, to help us help each other.



The Hospitality Committee coordinates the various ongoing fellowship programs (such as Sunday Hospitality Hour, parish meals) and special events.

The Finance Committee keeps the Vestry apprised of the financial needs of the parish, manages investments at the direction of the Vestry, takes responsibility in annually convening the Audit Committee, and prepares and presents the proposed operating budget of the parish.

Buildings and Grounds
The Buildings and Grounds Committee manages the care and maintenance of all parish buildings, grounds and equipment (Church, Parish Hall and Rectory).

Parish Activities

The Gingerbread Players of Saint Luke's
Saint Luke's has long been blessed by a group of theatrically talented parishioners known as the Gingerbread Players whose musical productions draw from throughout Queens. Now in its 31st year, the Players stage several productions each year. Auditions are held for new actors and people are always needed to work behind the scenes. Delicious gingerbread is sold during intermission. Material has ranged from operas, musicals, to original works by members of the church.

Each production is a true labor of love for the "behind-the-scenes" crew as well as those on stage. Rehearsals take place on weekends for about three months, with performances on weekends. The shows offer children a unique opportunity to learn about the theater and work as a team with adults; players range in age from eight to eighty. Saint Luke's occasionally presents other theatrical experiences. In addition to concerts by soloists in the choir, readings, instrumental recitals, and one-man shows have been staged as fund-raisers. Upcoming Stage Events

Saint Luke's Choir
Saint Luke's Choir is well known for its inspiring liturgical music. The Choir sings at 10:30 a.m. Sunday mass.

Rummage Sale
Our annual Rummage Sale is not only a lot of fun it is also one of the main fundraisers for our annual community outreach grant. Workers report that it's a great opportunity to get acquainted with fellow parishioners. This festive two-day event attracts a large and loyal following from near and far.

Youth Activities
Youth activities have varied with the number and interests of the young people. In recent years, they have enjoyed annual outings to parks like Splish Splash and joint trips with youth groups from other local churches. These activities were supported by the youth group's own fund-raising from sales of baked goods, plants and Christmas cards. For several years they have also attractively decorated the parish hall for the special Easter followship hour.

Social Activities
Saint Luke's offers a wide range of social events from coffee hours to caroling, from picnics to parties from musical sing-alongs to classical concerts and theater.

Altar Guild
Members serve as a team by caring for the eucharistic vessels, the altar furnishings and by decorating the altar for special occasions. Altar Society

Young people and adults are invited to share in the experience of assisting at the altar.

Bell Ringers Guild
The church's 800-pound bronze bell, initially installed in 1925, had been silent for several decades because of a broken harness assembly. The bell has now been restored to its previous glory. Now there seems to be no end to the number of parishioners of all ages who want to express their love and joy for the church by ringing the bell to call fellow parishioners to worship each Sunday.

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