Forest Hills
Vestry Officers and Staff 2018


The Reverend Thomas F. Reese
(C) 917-714-5647


Organist and Choir Director
William Stokes
Parish Administrator

Liz Ramos

Rok “Tony” Vukel
(c) 914-497-9801
Office Hours
9 a.m. - 2 p.m.
(Tuesday - Friday)
Pledge Administrator & Safe Church Coordinator Karen Van Westering

Vestry Dinner

Suzanne Schick

Jean Tessier

Treasurer & Vestry
Diane Santana


Maggie Del Rosario

Ann Espenschied

Louise Guinther
Alison Hagge

Jyri Laatikainen

Theresa Matassov

Michael Papamihalis

Elizabeth Reynolds

Deborah Smith

Emily Taylor

CarolAnne Weik

Vestry Resolution in response to Bishop Provenzano’s provision
for the celebration and blessing of same-gender marriages.
21 September, 2011.

All are Welcome
Our parish mission statement says that Saint Luke’s Church strives to be a center of spiritual strength and compassionate service, a welcoming home to all who seek a greater awareness of God’s purpose. United by God’s abiding love, we celebrate the rich diversity of our community, opening our doors to all people.

Sharing Fully in the Sacramental Life of the Church
Following the June 2011 passage of the New York State Marriage Equality Act, The Right Reverend Lawrence Provenzano, Bishop of Long Island, embraced The Episcopal Church’s 2009 General Convention resolution which calls for generous pastoral response in dioceses where civil union and marriage are permitted for same-gender couples. The Rector, Wardens and Vestry of Saint Luke’s Church accept and endorse our Bishop’s direction allowing the celebration of the Holy Eucharist and use of rites that bless marriages between persons of the same gender. Furthermore, Saint Luke’s Church assures all persons of the pastoral care and sacramental ministry of Christ (Baptism, Eucharist, Reconciliation, Affirmation of Faith, Ministry Discernment, Marriage, Ministry with the Sick and Dying.)

We are All Brothers and Sisters in Christ
Whether one is seeking the Church’s blessing in marriage or guidance for faithful living; whether you are married or single, an adult, teenager, young girl or boy, each one of us is a child of God blessed with divine gifts and called to life together in sharing the gifts of God. By worshipping and learning together, we share in the joys of faith and supportive community, remembering that we are called to be the presence of Christ in the world.


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