Church School

Church School at Saint Luke’s


All children of school age are invited for faith formation and fun as we explore Bible stories, sacraments, the seasons of the Church year, service to others, and the teachings of Christ through a variety of age-appropriate activities and discussion. Older children and teens are encouraged to participate as classroom helpers (this is a great way for high schoolers to fill volunteer hours!) and we also extend a warm welcome to neuro-diverse kids and young adults who would benefit from a more informal Church experience.


Classes will be held twice monthly, generally on the second and third Sunday of each month. We’ll gather downstairs in the orange classroom under the nave at 10:15am, with the children then coming upstairs to join their families for the Eucharist. The staffed nursery will also be available for families to make use of in whatever way best meets their needs. Although we hope to see our families every Sunday, kids are encouraged to attend Church School even if your family can only come to church sporadically, as each lesson is self-contained. We do ask that a parent from each participating family volunteer as a helper for at least one class. For questions about the program, please contact Emily Taylor at


The dates for the 2023-2024 Church School year are:


September 10      November 19    February 4     April 14

   September 17    December 10    February 11      May 5

           October 15    December 17   March 3    May 19     

        October 22    January 7   March 17     June 2     

              November 12    January 21    April 7   June 23